How do I order my music?

You can place your specified order either via phone or e-mail. If your order is placed via e-mail, be sure to leave your name, number, and specifications of your order.



How do I know if my order was received?

You will be notified either via e-mail or telephone if your order was received. A notification will be sent to your inbox by us stating that your request was received if your order was placed through e-mail.



Do I get a chance to hear the progress of my music?

Of course you can! That’s what we’re all about here at UNITY Wreckordz, helping you the best way we can by giving you the VERY best service possible! You can hear a playback of your music through our Listening Station once notification of completion has been received.


Do you provide specified add-ons, such as sound effects? If so, how much do you charge?

Of course we do! We’re willing to provide any sound effects that you desire for your music! All track fees include sound effects!!!



How do I receive my music?

All music orders are received via e-mail.


Where do I pay?

All expenses are paid at the Cheer Girl Entertainment Store at: ( through either the UNITY Wreckordz Mix or Edit PayPals.



Can I revise my music if there is an issue after purchase?

Yes, you may revise your music afterwards. However, our revision fee is $10.00 per revision.











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